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The other ones require you to either manually locate the borders, which is quite annoying if your paper is curved or anything, or the auto border comes with a compromise on the quality, where it just seems like a picture that sometimes even shows the background.

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This one, however, has no such problems and scans with auto bordering remarkably fast with quality that seems indistinguishable from what a printer scanner would produce. We are glad you like our app.

Your feedback encourages us to keep making it even better! Glitches I've had this app for a few years, the free version that is.

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It has worked great aside from the ridiculous amount of advertisements up until now. Lately it won't pull up all my pictures, sometimes I'll upload pictures and delete them and they'll be deleted in the app and then I'll go to email it and sure enough the pictures I deleted in the app are on the emailed pdf but if you look in the app it will not show that it is there, then other times it will duplicate some pages in the pdf in its own, to correct it I'll re download it and delete what I need deleted and email it again and opció ár szkennelés will still be there.

The most recent issue I had is that Opció ár szkennelés uploaded pictures from my camera roll and I went in order when I downloaded them; I started at page 1 and went to page When I was done I was scrolling through the pages in my app to make sure I got everything and all the pages were mixed like it would go in the following sequence 3,8,5,1,10,2,30,15etc Like I said this was the best and easiest scanner app I have used but now I am thinking because I've had it for so long there are now "glitches" messing everything up trying to prompt me to upgrade maybe or maybe the app has just gone down hill; I'm not really sure.

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Fejlesztői visszajelzésHello! We are sorry about this situation.

Could you please contact our customer support at support bpmobile. We will try our best to resolve this issue as soon as possible. Thank you!

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MackaySmith Shady Subscription Practices I needed to quickly scan a single sheet of paper. The app showed the option to enable opció ár szkennelés trial of their subscription services, which opció ár szkennelés deselected.

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